Saturday, 28 August 2010

the show!

today is the big day;
Artwave Open Studios

it is even partly sunny out (well, not raining at least)
so I could hang a few of the aprons outside.....
hoping to lure in a few people to look at all the lovely things me and my friends have been putting together!

teacup candles and cakestands

aprons and beautiful felted bags

view from my desk

see anything you like?

more felted bags
(the colours are a lot more beautiful in person and

view from the door as you walk in

and; just to make it even more special; Morris Men at the pub across the street!!
I love me some Morris Men!!
seriously......I am also not British - my British friends heap scorn upon them -
I think they are fantastic
(for you non-British people; Morris Men are traditional folk dancers that go around......usually to pubs and dance - they have all sorts of costumes, usually with bells on their ankles - some of the dances have them hitting sticks together..there is a hanky swinging one -not sure what that is all about) is just good fun!

hope everyone else is having a fun weekend -
Monday is a holiday here too, so seems as tho everyone is out enjoying themselves


  1. it looks wonderful! how did it go? and btw, do you have a website or online shop somewhere? :)

  2. ok, just found your etsy shop... but it's empty!! *sulks* lol

  3. I know! it has been empty for ages.......haven't got it together yet - but will do soon!!

  4. Oh man, I wish I could visit your show in person. There are so many great finds there. And yes, update your etsy shop!