Friday, 3 September 2010

my second show

in an earlier post, I showed photos of the 4 pieces I put into this show
it has started , altho I haven't actually seen it yet
I will see it next weekend at the private view
am so excited to be among these artists - they are all amazing!
AND to be among other textile artists..........(giggle)

this is my new kitchen!
the countertops are bamboo - and the backsplash is "latte" coloured tiles
the floor, which I realise you cannot see, is black granite with gold flecks -
our kitchen is teeny tiny, so we could just about afford that!
(for those US people reading this; our kitchen is probably smaller than your bathroom and I am not kidding!)

we had this all put in while we were in the States

speaking of; my Dad got a sort-of all clear this week
the tumour they had been targeting responded well to the treatment - but his throat is permanently damaged
and makes it difficult for him to swallow sometimes or the liquid feels like it is going down the wrong pipe;
making him choke
he will have more tests on that to see if there is something to help
a few more things they found on his scan need to be looked into - but all -in-all......not bad

my show is going ok - not a huge amount of visitors - sold a few things......
mainly those beautiful felted bags - they are quite the favourite!
also sold a couple of aprons
have had positive comments on my work -
and even a gallery owner wanting something for an exhibition she is planning! so........not a bad result so far
this weekend is the farmer’s market in town and should be sunny - so hopefully that will bring more people in

well.......guess I don't really have much more to say - other than thank you SO much for coming by and have a lovely weekend


  1. congrats on your show and your sales! all sales are good sales!!! just wonderful for you!!

  2. First, that's positive news about your dad. Yay!

    Second, congratulations on your new show. I want to see pics after you visit the exhibition, okay? And that is also great news about the sales and the gallery owner wanting more of your artwork.