Monday, 19 December 2011

happy holidays

Happy Holidays !!

I hope everyone has a fun
holiday season!!

feather step down

these were half finished pieces that
were just sitting around
so I worked on them a bit
not too long ago, but never
photographed them

love in my heart

am spending most of my time packing up the studio
the movers come next week to scoop
it all up and put it into storage

have been wondering what to do with my sewing machine
and other materials
do I put into storage?
do I take to the house?
where in the house?

I think I have decided to put everything into storage

it's a tricky one, especially as I do not
know how long this all will take
I could be here for another 4 months
but without the studio
and really; without the room for anything
at home

that's what I'll do

so then......
I can get back to more reading
and writing
and contemplating
and devising

which I have not done in a long time

I need to really think about how I want to proceed with my art
what to keep; what to change
and then there's wax
I like wax
I like stuff covered in wax
I want to start exploring wax

but just really calm my head down
and take the time
to think
since I have it

this move needs to move me too
I need to move forward
and try
really try

happy holidays

thanks for coming by......


Thursday, 8 December 2011


how cute is this?!
so want to buy him...
wonder if husband would notice
hee hee

look at that face!!

I spotted him in one of the local antique places

I was actually searching for two other things
to stash away
and take with me to the States

1) a Victorian hot water bottle
weird, I know
but when I first moved to the UK
I saw them all over the place and wondered what they were

will remind me of first moving here

2) pie funnel
a ceramic blackbird
you put into your pie to let the steam out (is that right?)
I don't actually bake, I just think they are cute!
and again......had no idea what they were when first moved here

so......every other time I meander around the local
antique shops - there were dozens
of these things
this time, now that I actually want them,

always the way, eh?

next time, I won't think I want to buy them
am just wandering around........
then they will show up again! ha

thanks for stopping by!
I know I am veering off
my usual arty-stitchy topics
such is my life right now.....

it is cold and rainy today
am hoping it gets colder!
want to build a little fire in the front room tonight

hope everyone is healthy and happy out there


Monday, 5 December 2011

pretty little thing

isn't she a beauty?

I totally forgot to show her to you
my husband bought it for me
at the local car boot sale
right before my open studios
back at the end August!

I have never heard of Jones, but
many people who have seen her know that name
I have only seen Singers so beautifully decorated I know why
Jones was a sewing machine company
started in Manchester in the 1800s

I saw these jugs outside of a furniture restoration place down from my house

ok, when I first saw the sign, it said
"100yr old Polish Jugs"
and I wondered why they had jugs from Poland?
luckily, I kept my mouth shut
when I went in to buy them
the guy who helped me started telling me
they had a huge pile of them
in their studio

they were at least 100yrs old........
and stored.......polish

where am I? furniture restorer.......polish
not Polish!

don't tell Mr, but I am secretly hoarding things to take back with me
ok, not so secretly as he immediately noticed the jugs
but he didn't say anything
well, actually, he did start in on
"no room, shipping costs"
but then he stopped
I think it might have to do with the
blue and white plate
you can just see in the background in the photo
which he came home with a few days earlier!

not much in the creativity line has been happening

my main dilemma, other than packing up my studio
which isn't really a dilemma, more of a
just get on with it!

I have to pack up the studio and have it empty
by the end of the month
ok, no problem
I am going to be here for a few more months into the new year
do I bring my sewing machine to the house?
how bout materials?
where will they go?
can use the dining table....
but there isn't anywhere to store anything
if I actually use the dining table for eating
(yes, I do use it for eating, thank you)

what will I be working on?
what materials do I bring with me?


on another note;
it is finally getting cold!
I like that

but....the usual problem
do I decorate for the holidays?
or they should probably go into storage
with the rest of the studio things
since we will be at hubbie's parents

some day......I would like to really decorate our house
and be there to enjoy it for a bit

hope everyone is doing well
thank you so much for being here


Friday, 18 November 2011


don't know if you remember the sample
of the soldier I did
to be able to stitch on the community project

two panels are worked on at once
we work for 1-2 hours at a time
there will eventually be 5 panels
and will be hung in the museum

this is a very bad photo of the

this was taken weeks ago
so much more has been done
should take more photos

I am so thrilled to be a part of this!

it is planned to be finished in two years! yikes......
that's a lot of stitching

I also participated in a "craft" show in Brighton last weekend
not much success, I have to admit......
but thought my table look quite fetching!
(if I do say so myself)

see the whitish birds with the brown/orange tips?
they are a pearlized white but I burnt them in the oven!
they came out with these golden tips with gold flecks
a fantastic mistake

my friend from Get Felt had her felted bags there too

all sorts of things have been going on here......
I went to a class at West Dean
that place is!
such a beautiful house and the college
has a huge range of classes
all run so well
I took a class by Julie Arkell
who is an artist I have admired for a long time
she is such a warm and friendly person
and has fabulous personal style!

(photograph courtesy of

I also went into the tapestry studio there
it is one of the last working tapestry studios in the UK
so cool!
they had just finished making 4 pieces for Tracey Emin!
wish I could have seen them
but then again......if they were still working on them
we wouldn't have been able to go in the studio to see them anyway

let's see.......what else is going on?

oh yes
I'm shutting down my studio

we are moving

to the US


fairly soon

happy, excited, scared, anxious,
all at once!

thank you so much for checking in
an hello to the new people who have
stumble upon my blog!!

have a lovely weekend

Monday, 31 October 2011

I know, I know

my French still life seems so long ago that I took this

yes, it really is me
been a long time, hasn't it?
not sure what has happened, but am having a hard time getting back to my blog........
so sorry

I'll be back soon
but wanted you to know I am still here!

please check back

Mont St Michel
unbelievably beautiful
a little island surrounded by sand and water

hope everyone out there is doing well
and having a lovely fall.......

what texture!
a random shuttered window

thanks for checking in!


Friday, 2 September 2011

Open Studios at Cardinal Arts

here are some (rather bad) photos of my Open Studios

we opened over the Bank holiday weekend
and the turnout was.......

am hoping this weekend will bring more people in

(should mention that the inspiration for these bird charms
came from the amazing, amazing, amazing artist Geninne)

the people that do come in
are full of compliments
about the work and the set-up

my studio is at one end of the town
so it seems to be difficult to get people down here

altho, there are others near here -
and we are listed in the catalogue

and right next to the Buttercup Café!

we'll see what happens
am still optimistic!

lovely felted bags by Get Felt
and the diaphanous knitted shrugs or capelettes
(despite the name, she is a local maker)
I have sold the "capelette" hanging above the bags
LOVE to bags! they are knitted and then felted
fantastic colours and shapes
have sold a couple of those too

the funny thing is that I just happen to be in
my studio during the week
all the publicity states the studio is open
on the weekends
but have had more sales during the week
from people just randomly wandering in!
go figure

it is a sunny day today
which is nice
even tho there is definitely a nip in the air
fall is coming soon!

and so is my mother!

she arrives next week - just in time to see the end of my show
then mother, me and S are going on holiday
we rented a gîte in France for 10 days
cannot wait

so looking forward to relaxing......
have a stack of books waiting

but before then
wish me luck!

have a wonderful weekend!

and a big hello to a couple new followers
thank you for wanting to be included in my ramblings!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Artwave getting closer

well, here I am;
still working towards getting my studio ready
for the Lewes Open Studios:

some very patient stuffed birds
waiting for their tails to be sewn shut

while these two are waiting for someone to come
and take them home with them!

other birds in progress
these are made with clay and hand painted

how cute are these?!
more clay birds covered in various papers and tissue

ready to be strung up with beads
like this
(hand not included)

more mini canvases

that will eventually look like these
I made earlier

I also want to do more
of my usual free machine stitched pieces
similar to this

in this terrible photo
I tried to show you one piece I finished for the show

detail of above picture
was experimenting with silk embroidery

lots more to do!!

oh! and I did get selected to join the
volunteer stitchers for the
Battle of Lewes Tapestry
I start next week
am hoping I can take some photos
of the progress to show you

have a sunny, creative weekend everyone
and thank you, thank you
for stopping by!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

finally finished

finally, after much procrastination and wool drama
I finished the tapestry sample
now.......lets hope it is good enough
to get into the group of volunteers
stitching a tapestry to commemorate
the Battle of Lewes

in between stitching this
or.........looking for the correct wool
I have gone back to making a few more stuffed birds

am done painting my little clay birds too
now, to string them up and add some sparkle!
I tried one
and realised the birds are so heavy
their birdy bottoms stick in the air
instead of their birdy beaks
and then; clever me
thought about finding some sort of weight
so went to the local fishing equipment shop
they thought I was really strange
(not the first time that has happened)
I guess they are used to people coming in
knowing what the fishing weighty things are actually called
oh; and knowing what size and weight
“can’t I just look at them? hold them in my hand?” some
and they seemed to be working on my test birdy

after I get that finished;
back to more mini canvasses, I think
I also want to do a few bigger pieces
like I normally do

here are a few photos from the
Southover Grange Gardens
which is not too far from my house
such a beautiful place!
the plantings are so spectacular
and I love how they juxtapose the most
vibrant colours next to each other
(doesn’t really come out that well in the pics) get the picture
it all surrounds a lovely Eizabethan house

thank you so much for stopping by
hope you all are having a creative week

and in the States; not burning up
in the UK; not molding....or too badly affected by these riots

I do not even know what to say about all that