Friday, 24 June 2011

well, who’d have thought?

I finished the woodpecker!

almost forgot to take pictures of it
to show what it ended up like
I think it turned out kind of sweet
I hope my mother-in-law likes it
I hope it cheers her up just a teeny bit

but.......where the heck did all those shadows come from?
I know the actual piece will be shadowy
since it isn’t flat
but I always seem to have mystery shadows at the edges
when there aren’t any I notice while taking the photos

it is actually sunny out today
first day in quite a while
so am going to go out and enjoy it!
got my latest Cloth,Paper,Scissors
so will sit outside and peruse that
(thank goodness for International subscriptions)

hope everyone has a nice weekend
and a burst of creativity!

thanks so much for being here.........

Thursday, 23 June 2011

thanks for stopping by
I really appreciate your interest and lovely, kind messages!

have been doing various things this week

I worked on this tulip piece to submit to a local show - not sure when they decide who is in
I am a little unsure about this it finished? I usually add much more to things,
so am having a hard time letting go
maybe if it doesn't make it into the show, I can rework it.......or not
what do you think??

Tulips are my speech

I have to say..........
am getting a little tired of all this rain
I know it makes all the flowers happy and all
but I am getting a little mouldy!

the men of the garden

I also find it quite ironic that as soon as
the government declared the Southeast as a drought zone
it has rained non-stop!
ooh! just saw a sliver of sun peak out as I wrote this
at least it is trying

our upholstery class ended
I enjoyed it so much am planning on
signing up for the next session in the Fall
we didn't finish our chairs
for the black one; all I have to do is put the final fabric on
the other one is missing the springs!
(no wonder it was so cheap) is partially started and will be worked on in the next session

and finally;
I am in the middle of a Green Woodpecker
a request from my mother-in-law
she hasn't been too well lately
we are visiting them this weekend
so I will need to finish this by Saturday morning
to take to her

I have done quite a bit of the stitching so far
and haven't a clue what I will do next
guess just see what happens
bit of lace......a few buttons......
the usual!

thanks again for being here
hope you are having a flower-filled Spring/Summer

oh! almost forgot
a few years have gone by since my beloved Sophie passed away
and we are getting a new cat!
we pick him up from the cat sanctuary on Monday
he is THE FLUFFIEST thing I have ever seen!
so, guess I am diving back into the world
of cat hair everywhere


Thursday, 16 June 2011

back again

well, that didn't really go to plan
the plan of thinking, writing, relaxing, etc

the good thing is; my sister
and her daughter had a good visit
and one of the days they were there,
there were actual waves!
never been waves there before
it was fun
we were the only people in the water

the not so good thing:
husband spent almost the
whole holiday sick in bed
hence the no relaxation
oh well
did get a few lovely days together

before my husband was felled,
we all went to the Alhambra in Grenada

a Moorish palace
the architecture is simply amazing
so mathematical
and beautiful
and ornate

we weren't able to get into the actual palace
they limit the amount of tickets they sell
but we did get to walk around the gardens

such a beautiful place

now; back in the studio
(which I still haven't cleaned out!)
am getting back into my projects

have made a few more stuffed birds
am beginning to like them more

this weekend, we have another
upholstery class
so have been collecting chairs
these will be a bit more adventurous than the last two

I have several more projects
to get on with
for our open studios, Artwave
I have loads of time
but as usual, struggling with
and uncertainty

wish me luck! ha

thanks so much for stopping by......
hope you all are having a lovely summer