Thursday, 12 August 2010

I actually started

well, have finally started on something in real life, not just in my head!
red-winged blackbird

so......that’s at least started and while I am not sure how to go forward with it,
I can start on the goldfinch that I mentioned days and days ago!
and also finish up the 3 aprons I have made so far and start on a couple more.......
still need to show some photos of those but will wait until I put the pocket on them -
and am thinking a few old buttons too

am also getting several design jobs coming in, which on the one hand is great because then I can pay my studio rent.....but looks like they will all come at once and are very time-consuming so my days of procrastination and dawdling might have to come to an abrupt end in order to get everything done

on a sad note; while in the States, I took some amazing photos of all these exotic looking butterflies that would come and flutter around my parent's butterfly bush (buddleia)
and now I cannot find them on my camera or on my desktop!! ooohhhhh........
I am thinking that doing some butterfly pictures would be nice and was going to use my photos for inspiration; not to mention putting them on here for you all to see!...oh well

I was wandering around various blogs this morning (see procrastination comment above) and came across this lovely video:

thanks to Abigail Mooney of percy and bloom for sharing this on her blog, which is where I found it
I think it is a really beautiful piece - love the animation and the poem
I spend a lot of my time by myself........sometimes on purpose, sometimes not

well.........thanks for stopping by - I know it has been awhile since I have been blogging - but will keep it going while I get ready for Artwave, the local art trail/open studios festival

and also; thank you so much for your comments, I really, really appreciate them!


  1. so nice to see you posting again! love your new work! and I am off to check out your links!! ciao bella!

  2. A wonderful blackbird!
    a very American one!

  3. First, that is one beautiful red-winged blackbird. They were everywhere in the countryside in Ontario, where I spent my teenage years. They were always chasing the crows - who I felt sorry for until I learned that they were no doubt after the blackbird nests. sigh...the aviary wars overhead... Anyway, YOUR piece is simply beautiful.

    And I really like that youtube video. Just last night I talked with a good friend of mine who has a hard time being alone, especially when in a relationship. Like you, I spend quite a bit of time alone. I enjoy the stillness, the being-in-my-own-world or -head. Mind you, after a few days of that, I need to talk to my friends face-to-face. Finding balance is important. Anyhoo...

  4. PS: When I saw your first photograph, I thought that you were embroidering the bird onto a judy, or dressmaker's form. Wouldn't that be cool? Your beautiful threaded work like tattoos on a muslin body...

    And hurray for the commissioned work. Being able to pay studio rent is always good!

  5. just want to say thank you for all the comments! really makes me feel good when people take the time to say things......

  6. love it! and really like how you did the thready 'branch' with the touches of red - so subtle and pretty :)