Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I'm home
this is going to be a short post as I am trying to get things sorted in the studio - and start working on new projects
I have been really bad about posting while in the States - even tho I kept taking photos and composing in my head - if I ever got down what goes on in my head.......I'd be the most prolific writer and artists ever! ha
the photo above was of this amazing sky in Kansas City - I asked my friend to stop the car so I could try and capture it .......if I was really clever, I would have gone across the street to avoid all the traffic lights

another thing I am realising is that I need to stop taking all sort of projects for me to do while visiting family........it never works and I just end up stressed the whole time because I am not getting anything done
no more
I did sew a few aprons while there and if I ever get it together; will show some photos
I made them to put into the Open Studios.......which begins 28th August and goes on until 12th September
I think they will go nicely with the teacup candles I make and the cakestands my friend makes
plus whatever artwork I manage to finish!! (eek)

ok, can't sit here all day.......I've got work to do!!

hope everyone is doing well......surviving the heat if in the States (it was sssssoooooo hot and humid) and enjoying the rain if in the UK

thanks for stopping by

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  1. Loved your clous shot
    so amazing and wonderful.
    We are horribly hot in New York!