Saturday, 26 February 2011

collage box

I signed up to be included in a collage box swap through LaWendula quite a while ago.
The box just showed up!
I have never done anything like this and thought it would be an interesting way to
challenge myself with new materials, etc
dopey me didn’t realise how much paper would be involved
uh.......I know.......what else would there be?!
I think I was thinking there would be all sorts of different materials
fabric, ribbons......
but, of course, most collagers (if that is a word)
would be using all sorts of different papers and things

anyway; this is what I found in the box

so, the deal is now I take 12 pieces out of this box
and put in 12 of my own

below are the things I took out

and here is what I added!
thought I would do a mixture of fabric and paper
there’s also a bit of bark, which I thought might interest someone
(upper left of photo)
a green feather, button, and a fabric heart
hope the next people to receive the box find
my things interesting

at first, I thought I was just taking things out of the box
and using them however I wanted
but upon reading the rules a bit closer;
I am to make one collage with all the bits I chose from the box
this might be a bit more difficult
only because as I chose things, I was thinking of using them
in several different projects
I can also add other things to the piece

this should be interesting
something different for me to think about and work with

have a lovely weekend
and thanks for dropping by

Thursday, 24 February 2011

are you there Spring? It’s me, Anne

well, looky there, it’s already Thursday!

and what have I done this week??

ok; a tiny lie
I have started on a bigger piece - and yes, it is yet another bird........
the deadline for the submissions are Monday
and frankly, don’t think I’m gonna make it
silly goose......had MORE than enough time!
oh well

things I HAVE done this week?
been to my third week
it is really hard, but am so glad I started it
now, if all my effort would manifest itself into actual weight loss;
or even better;
easier fitting clothes.......

today, I inexplicably bought orange nail polish and lipstick!
what the.......??
must be the pollens in the air
oh, and yes; have started taking allergy medicine already;
a bit early, isn’t it?!
need to get some local honey and start in on that

I got a mystery package in the post today
well, I know what it is.........or where it is from

you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what is inside
and what I am going to do with it
and where it will go next

all will be revealed!!

and hello to my new followers!!
how exciting!
thanks for joining
and to all you commenters - thanks to you too!

see you tomorrow
hope the sun is shining where you are


Thursday, 10 February 2011


I finally finished a couple of heart pieces to put in the café next door

almost missed my deadline!
they take so much longer than I think they will......
but I like they way they came out
hope everyone else does too!
I am going to try and maybe do a couple more
maybe make them less elaborate (if possible) so they won't take so long

it is a grey and rainy, rainy, rainy day today

and now.......back away form the computer, Anne - and get to work!!
so much to do.........
so little focus

thank you to each one of you that takes the time to come by my blog - and especially to leave a message

and a BIG HELLO to those of you who have recently started “following” my blog
welcome -

really appreciate all of you


Friday, 4 February 2011

that is so nice!

I had the most amazing thing happen the other evening!
I came home and found an envelope had been shoved through the letterbox; addressed to the homeowner

At first I thought ; "oh no, we have annoyed our neighbours"
but then again, we aren't the ones with the screaming toddlers (both behind and next to us!)
then I thought; maybe someone wants to buy our house and were leaving their details

I opened it and here is what it said:

how nice is that?!
I had the biggest grin on my face for the rest of the evening
the funny thing is; I have only done two displays
the first one is the photo of the cyclamen at the top of my blog
the other was the scene I did for Xmas (below)

our house opens right up onto a small alleyway
a pretty popular throughway into the centre of town
there are only 4 houses on the street
(can't really call it a street.......but you get it?)
anyway - I thought it would be nice to put something
in my window, for people to look at as they go by
but I was starting to get a bit discouraged
noone seemed to pay any attention
until I got this note!
someone has noticed

so, of course, now I have to come up with something
for the next display! no pressure.........hahaha

I got the go-ahead from the café
they'll display my valentines - so am working on them
have almost finished the first one -

I hope all my US friends are keeping warm and watching out for ice
and to everyone; I hope for you a creative and inspiring weekend