Thursday, 26 August 2010

goldfinch reworked

I felt something was wrong with my goldfinch; it looked horrible!
so decided to rework it a bit
am much happier with the outcome
and I finally found a way to use my fancy feathers I bought ages ago.......these are pretty subdued -
they also come in purple, bright green, red and turquoise -
not sure when I will use the others as I usually don't use bright colours like that.....we'll see!
not sure you can tell, but there is also an amber "jewel" on top of the feathers, which I have been itching to use too

tomorrow will be taken up by trying to set up my open studios - which starts Saturday til 12th September

felted bags by Get Felt were delivered today - and they look fantastic! great colour combos - will be sure to take photos and get all the different items so you can see everything

rainy day today........rainy day tomorrow
hopefully it will clear up by the weekend - I have visions of hanging my aprons on the brick wall (somehow) outside my studio door- hoping the colours will draw people in


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