Tuesday, 24 August 2010

show in Brighton

I am trying to contain my excitement, but I have been asked to participate in a show at a gallery in Brighton!
I only know 3 others in the show, but one of them, Cas Holmes,
is someone who I have admired from afar for awhile now.
and now I, me........will be in a show with her!

the other artist is amazing too, Anne Kelly
(trying not to feel like an imposter...will wake from my dream any time now)
the third artist is Kate Wickham; a ceramicist

these artists are seriously GOOD!!
(ok, Anne..breathe)

so, tomorrow, I am taking my 4 pieces down to have them put up for the show.


auntie jean


and for the fourth one; I finished the red-winged blackbird and am having it framed as we speak;
just in time!

red-winged blackbird

however, this does leave some holes in my Artwave show

so......have finished the goldfinch for Artwave
not sure what else I will finish in time for the Saturday opening


have been amusing myself today by listening to old radio detective stories

is it bad to say I am really looking forward to all this being over so I can spend some time (alone) with S?
we have a ferry trip to Dieppe booked later on in September

while we were in the States, we had our kitchen redone (looks good!) but haven't had time to get it back together - we still only have 3 forks in there........and don't get me started on how dirty the house is!!

but then again; being asked to be in a show by someone that just happened
to see my work and liked it has been such an amazing thing!!
that's two this year

so really, I am very, very grateful

and grateful to everyone who has come by my blog -
and especially those who have written nice comments


oh! and I think it is a full moon tonight..
- would like to take a walk in the dark......
we'll see if I stay awake long enough!


  1. well done and congratulations, this is such a wonderful, wonderful feeling. Hope it all goes really well.

    PS I love Brighton!

  2. Brilliant Anne well deserved I say .....we have been back to Brighton today how long is the exhibition ? we will try and go and see it ......x

  3. This is so exciting and your work looks beautiful.
    I love your red wing blackbird.x

  4. Congratulations! And of course your beautiful artwork belongs in the show, too, Anne. The Auntie Jean piece piece is so beautiful - I want a whole quilt of it! What you can do with fabric and thread is amazing...

  5. thanks to you all for your kind words and encouragement!