Thursday, 19 August 2010

makin aprons

I have been busy makin aprons.......they seem to be taking longer than they should; altho that might be due to coffee drinking.......gasman arrival-waiting.........gasman taking several hours to fix boiler.......checking emails.......chatting.......putting up flyers for the Artwave show......etc!

so, I just need to add a few more pockets to the blue ones and then maybe either add a fabric flower or some vintage buttons to the pockets - and they are finished

I also need to finish the red-winged blackbird and the goldfinch that I have started - and hopefully a few more by the time the show starts

in between all this, I have a big digital print job to do (which will pay my studio rent!) and another freelance job which I think will be easy to do while I sit in my studio waiting for people to come by

tomorrow, I have a meeting with a woman who saw my work at the Artist United show and wants to see more of my work and talk about participating in some exhibitions!
wow.........hopefully I will have some good news with that

hope you all are having some good weather and good inspiration!
thank you so much for your comments and coming by to see what is going on.......


oh! I have one question; I have never seen these Nanny McPhee movies........but the little I have seen,
reminds me of my favourite books as a child; Mrs Piggle Wiggle
is there a similarity?


  1. these are just darling!! love your color combos too!!

  2. I love your aprons, wonderful fabrics!
    I have seen the first Nanny McPhee film and I thought it brilliant, you must see it.
    I don't know the Piggle Wiggle books but they sound fun!

  3. good luck for open studios the aprons ........Im back in blogland now have had some ups and downs recently ....good to visit old friends and see what everyone's up to .....x

  4. Oh, those aprons are so pretty!