Thursday, 22 July 2010


made it to the States ok - no problem with the flights.......
but ugh.........forgot what humidity is like! (and mosquitos)
had a major storm the other evening; monsoon-style rain, high winds, thunder and lightening!

Dad is doing really well; had his last chemo the other day - got to ring a bell for his "graduation"
the weekend might be a bit tricky as that is when his last mega dose will take effect

am going to go to Hobby Lobby (love that place!!) this afternoon and get some supplies to do a bit of artsy-craftsy things......will show you later when I get things started

saw I Am Love with Tilda Swinton yesterday......she is amazing - loved the movie; so beautifully shot
not sure my mother and her friend were too impressed tho!

also saw Date Night on the airplane; thought it was going to be silly slapstick but it was actually pretty good
not too impressed with Alice in Wonderland......maybe it was the small screen - or the fact I had to keep turning the volume up to try and hear the dialogue then back down again when the music starts playing??

have yet to see any cardinals so far - but am more interested in spotting the hummingbirds that come into my parents garden - so beautiful and slightly magical the way they move

hope everyone is having a good, artsy summer
thanks for peeking in


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  1. Hi Anne pleased to hear your dad doing well .........looking forward to seeing what you're up to next ....x