Tuesday, 29 June 2010

a studio full of rooks

I got a studio full of rooks!
I started yet another one the past couple of days and this is the one I am going to go with, I think........
a painter friend of mine, Marco, who was the one to invite me into this show, came by and took a quick look and seemed to like what I was doing. So now I have a bit more confidence (woulda been nice if I could do that for myself, but there you go.....) have also had some very nice and encouraging words from Susanna, who is an amazing blogger/artist/photographer
(check out her blog!)

have been working away - haha.......ok, have been finding all sorts of other things to do and then squeezing in rook-work - I even managed to start on another piece, just to keep away for a bit longer!
need to add more to this, just not sure what yet

yet another day of sunshine here in the southeast........what a British summer!

thanks for stopping by!!


  1. just fabulous work my dear!! and isn't it nice to have reassurance from others??! ciao bella!

  2. loving the rooks .....Lorna xx

  3. Thank you for the kind words - and right back atcha! :) This is yet another makings for another wonderful piece. I'm in awe with your patience when it comes to thread. Look at all those pretty stitches! And I like what you have started with the fabric and lace. It reminds me of an English cottage.

    I'm glad that your friend, Marc, who I'll visit in a second, dropped by for a visit and to offer encouragement. Sometimes that's all we need, eh? Someone to believe in us.

    Have a great weekend! Happy 4th of July from the States!

  4. PS: I just dropped by Marc's website...his work is terrific! I have a thing for encaustic painting. It's something I'm hoping to do this summer. Thank you for the link.