Monday, 5 July 2010

the show!

this is the show I have been so kindly included

today I worked on my rook - got pretty far along......and then realised I have a picture of two halves
I like one side, but not the other! am toying with the idea of cutting it in half, altho I already gave the show the dimensions.......or use the frame I had selected but am not sure if there would be too much space around
one dilemma after another! haha.......well, at least I like part of it now

the weather just keeps going on and on......incredible (for a British summer)
we got up early and went for a walk in our local garden - the flowers were just exploding everywhere

this past Sunday, as I am sure you know, was a holiday in the US - I opened my door Sunday morning to see a group of people walking by all dresses in Colonial clothes! bit of a shock
then I realised, they were erecting a statue to Thomas Paine in front of our local library
he lived in Lewes for a while before moving (actually, escaping) to America and starting all that Revolution business

hope everyone else ahd a nice weekend
and as always.......thank you So much for your comments - and come back soon!


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