Friday, 25 June 2010


well, cannot say this has been a very good day - in so many ways.......
it started pretty well with my camera finally working (guess those 99p batteries from the flea market weren’t such a good idea) and it also is yet another sunny, hot day - which is always a surprise and a big plus in the studio and it is really not going well
the show is still a week away so I still have time to figure this all out - but am not happy with anything I have done so far.......probably because I am actually trying for a change - maybe too hard
I usually do things more spontaneously.......or without much direction.......or I usually at least have a vague idea what I want it to look like, or the feeling - but this one is really........uh.........vague

anyway - am now second-guessing my rook backgrounds are not coming out quite right so I keep making more.......the background I like, the rook looked funny, etc
panic is seeping in

*yet more backgrounds*

*close up of a rook......on a crummy background.....and just made a hole in it!*
won’t even mention the part about how it looked in focus on my camera and then turns out like this......

*more fuzzy rook*

*ok, this fuzzy photo is just being artistic* ha

both of the offenders.......but on a good note; I got a little bag full of bits of lace and silk for £1 on the way to work yesterday......perfect dingy brownish oldy-worldy colours

bought samphire and sardine fillets from the fishmongers for tonight.......maybe that will cheer me up a bit
and tomorrow.......start again.......or start over...or continue on.........??

hope everyone else is having better creative times and a lovely weekend
it’s supposed to be really hot here!

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  1. Keep at it! I know how hard it can be to create, create, create but still waiting for that certain something to happen. It's frustrating! What you've made here is beautiful! Are the backgrounds city maps? And if so, are they certain city maps...say, for your area? You know, I'm looking at these photos and thinking of all the places you could take your work - not only to galleries, but to book and magazine publishers, to specialty shops, card shops, card publishers... There are so many people out there who are going to LOVE your artwork. So don't give up!