Thursday, 10 June 2010


I am finally........home

it has been quite a time away! I almost feel like a stranger in my own home.......and studio
slightly unbalancing

but am so glad to be back; sunny Spain was lovely........but glad to be back and ready to get back to my art!!
have quite a few plans and ideas and collaborations and, and, much!

won't even mention the cleaning, the clearing out and sorting that needs to be done.......sheesh

am happy to say the plants I planted at the studio before I left are thriving.......will be a wonderful thing greeting me each morning - not to mention the plants in my tiny garden at home - but that is not quite finished yet
I sat outside as long as possible last night in my garden surrounded by plants and flickering magical
am looking forward to more time there
(the sound of the new neighbour’s screaming toddler; not so magical)

am happy (tinged with waryness) to say my Dad is exceeding the doctor’s expectations with his treatments. he starts a new, more harsh regime next week, so positive thoughts for that......
the accumulation of poisons in his system have started to show (from radiation and chemo) - they were starting to be noticed at the end of my visit and have carried on; shaky steps when getting up, tiredness and hair loss; but he continues to walk as often as he can, which is amazing.....and just keeps going

I plan on going back for a few weeks in July

well, I think that is all from me right now - hope to bring you more exciting things in the near future; just as soon as I remember where I left everything!!

nice to see you - nice to be back



  1. nice to have you back! and best wishes for your Dad! ciao!

  2. Great to have you back Anne .....better get started on that swap !!!!.........great news about your Dd too ...xx

  3. Hello,
    Welcome back!
    Sounds like you had a great holiday and I'm so pleased to hear your Dads in better health.
    M x