Monday, 21 June 2010

in the beginning.......

I cannot figure out what is wrong with my camera- thought it was the batteries, isn’t
it was the only one of my cameras that I can take close-ups you’ll see from the photos below from another camera - completely blurry
I tried to take other photos of the postcard and goodies I received from Lorna - but they were so hideously blurry, I couldn’t put them in, so......will retake some photos as soon as I figure out what is going on

the below photos are my start for the new piece (is there another word I can use? am so tired of “piece”; plus, I always misspell it and have to go back and switch out the e and i........EVERY time!!)
uh.......where was I?
oh yes - so.......this is the start of my backgrounds - thought I’d try working on two at once and see what happens
I am also thinking of adding a rook, since this show is in aid of the “Rooks” team
not quite sure how......I have a very vague, fuzzy image somewhere up in the back of my head.....little bit to the left - but when I try to focus on it to see what I should do - it fades away

we’ll see how these take far I have used some foreign language newspapers layered with maps, tissue and cigarette papers - I hope once it all dries I will be able to see through the layers enough - but not too much

thanks for stopping by.....


  1. look forward to the results... keep coming at it sideways... afterall, the sun just entered Cancer and crabs move that way...

    and that's too funny about 'piece' -- I share your wish for another word!

  2. haha - thanks for the crab comment, will keep that in mind!!........cause coming at it front-wise isn't working too well