Friday, 18 June 2010

short and .....sweet?

just a quick post today - mainly because I don’t have much to show you -
my camera needs new batteries and I haven’t taken the time to get to the shop (silly excuse, I know)

I finished my ATC swap which will be on its way to Lorna soon - so I cannot show you that as it will spoil the surprise!

one bit of very exciting news for me is that I have been asked to contribute some artwork for a local show with around 40 other artists! this is the first show I have been asked to join and will be great exposure for me!
I had to send them a jpeg of of something immediately, so had to go with an old piece - but will now have time to do something new too, which I am really looking forward to!

the show will be 8-11 July and will give more details when I have them - and photos of my planned piece listening to US v Slovenia in the World Cup.........Slovenia just scored
come on, guys! gets some fire in your belly
after this - I then have to go watch England play Algeria with my husband - I like watching, but if we have lost, the smugness will be slightly unbearable!

have a nice weekend and come back next week where the visuals will be far more exciting!


  1. OOps Anne thought I was sending a postcard 4"x6"...i have already sent it ....never mind you could always cut it up ...he he !!...xx

  2. no, no; my fault Lorna, for using the wrong terminology! what is a trading card called when it is postcard sized??
    and THANK YOU - got your card..lovely

  3. Are the batteries you need AA or AAA I can help...

  4. haha - Mr Annonymous.......
    due to an overzealous battery buyer, I have both kinds, thank you - unfortunately, my camera still isn;t working and now I have no idea why!