Friday, 28 May 2010

more KC

well, as usual.....I am very behind with my postings! life just seemed to get in the way
I also have a hard time figuring out how to get the photos in my posts - I can get them in.......but they are never where I want them! I am sure it is easy to move them around........just haven't figured out how!

I had a few more photos iof KC I wanted to share - it is such a nice city with beautiful old buildings in the downtown area - and what I love is that they seem to be trying to use the older buildings instead of knocking them down

I met my sister for lunch - she works at the KC Star newspaper - is this not a lovely building??

we went to La Fonda El Taquito so I could have yet more tacos! I always fill up with tacos when there since I don’t have too many opportunities for GOOD Mexican in the UK

My Dad is doing better than the doctors actually expected him to - so that was very good news to hear the day I was leaving - I know it isn’t anywhere near over, but I am hopeful the worst has passed........I will be going back in July to stay for a bit again

My husband and I are now in Spain for a long holiday! So far, it has been really nice to just sit........altho the nagging feeling of "should" be posting to my blog is always in my head.......and not doing any stitching for weeks has been really strange too

AND, wouldn’t you know it; the FAMM monthly challenge theme in May was.......BIRDS!!! my favourite topic - and I didn’t have any time to do anything......

so.......hope everyone is doing well - and being productive - and having a nice late spring/ early summer so far

and I will leave you with two things;
• I have traded in the Baltimore Orioles in KC for a very squawky green parrot that sits in the tree outside my balcony - it is slightly startling to see this bright green thing swooping through the trees
• and two; my husband right now is in the Czech Republic playing in a golf tournament; he said he is staying in a very bizzarre hotel complex; he passed a snake pit and a live rabbit on the way to breakfast!!

as always; thanks for stopping by - soon I will be getting back to more arty stuff



  1. good to hear from you Anne .....good news about your Dad ....have a great rest in Spain ....and don't worry about us we'll still be here when you get back.....Lorna x

  2. thank you Lorna and Kayla coo for your kind messages