Monday, 26 April 2010

time to go

I finished it! well, ok, not quite - I haven’t attached a backing to it..and am not sure if I am supposed to put anything on the back or not
looks like it will be making its way to the US with me and can send it out from there

thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to steer it a bit more towards Spring
not sure if I got there, but think I like it anyway -

as I mentioned- am about to go to the States for a couple of weeks to see family and friends and help out my parents a bit -
have collected some recipes to try out on my, I finally get to have some Mexican food! woo hoo!
oh, did I mention the margaritas too? hee hee
on the rocks, no salt, please

I will also be seeing my younger sister, whom I haven’t seen in over a year - and meet the latest nephew for the first time

I hope my flights are ok and the movies are good!

will be writing the next post from Kansas City



  1. have safe travel! and welcome back!!

  2. hi Anne just read this post ......hope you had a safe journey .......Lorna