Friday, 9 April 2010

so much sunshine!

I have started on this and have absolutely NO idea what I am going to do with it! guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.......

for the past two days, it has been so sunny with the most exquisite blue is a bit difficult having my studio right next to a café
there’s only so much coffee drinkin and sun sittin that a person can do =-D

of course, that also means not a lot is getting done in the studio -

I have a list of calls for entry, submissions to galleries and shops, and various challenges I need to be getting on with

One question tho; each of these needs pictures of my I do a bunch of new stuff? do I use what I have? do I have enough work already done or is this all to just show what I do and then if accepted, do new work??

all so new to me.......not sure how to go about it
which of course is also feeding into the procrastination - just so long as I keep deadlines in mind and not miss anything - I can keep pondering (better yet, keep working while pondering!) anyone out there (assuming there IS anyone out there reading this!) have any suggestions or knowledge of such things???

have many plans for the weekend - so hope I keep to them
one thing; am having a friend over for dinner.......I haven't cooked for anyone (other than husband) for so long - can she still do it?!
am making an old recipe I have made several times; roasted salmon with red thai curry - used to be my party trick if anyone was coming over for dinner that I was trying to impress and it usually did the trick (except for the Norwegian guy we had over when we lived in Portland, Or - who went on and on (before I told him what I was making) about how he was so sick of fish and salmon in particular! oops
he also went on about how he was allergic to cats
well; after loving my dinner, he sat with the cat on his not sure what that was all about!

where was I?
oh yes - so......I will be making Vietnamese salad rolls and then the red thai salmon


  1. Hi Anne I probably won't be much help I am the Queen of task avoiding then have to work till the early hours minutes before the deadline ( recently did my degree and this is how I worked for 3 years !!!)although I did get a first so it worked for me ....
    As far as new or old work you could put in some old work ...this will take the pressure off making all new stuff and then add in some new pieces to show that the work is changing.....Hope this may be of some help
    You could just go back to the cafe just to think about it ...he he ..........Lorna x

  2. NEVER doubt that you are a talented artist! Look at this work-in-progress - beeaauutiful! Your work is absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy that you are going out and showing it to potential gallery owners for shows. I'd also show your artwork in shops. And what about that cafe? Maybe you could put up some pieces there, too, with your business card either next to the work or available at the counter. And don't panic thinking that you have to create an entirely new series (unless it's specifically requested in a Call for Submissions - example, artwork made within the last year). I would send out slides/pics/cds of your current artwork and whenever you finish a piece, photograph it for your portfolio.

  3. This is beautiful. You have some amazing sewing skills! x