Tuesday, 11 May 2010

yup, it really is me

hellllllooooo........I know, it has been quite a while since my last post

I guess family stuff has just taken precedence over stitching
not to mention I am thousands of miles from my home...and “stuff”

I did finally post the ATC to Lynn and am waiting to get back home to see what she has sent me! this is the first time I have done one of these swaps and hope to do more of them!

I have been loving seeing the cardinals in my parents' backyard, but the big news here is that they had 3 Baltimore Orioles! I tried over and over to get some photos of them to show.......but they always flew off by the time I got my camera
they are amazingly bright orange! they give the intense brightness of a male cardinal a run for its money! so anyway, I got a photo from a book to show you instead.......but will keep trying for the real thing
in between rain and thunderstorms - oh......by the way, here’s a helpful hint; if you are in the midwest and planning on going walking......might think twice if it is thundering and lightning with gusting winds.....chances are, you will eventually GET SOAKED!! yup, that's what happened to me this morning....duh
guess I have been gone for a bit too long - have lost my midwest weather smarts!

thanks for everyone for hanging in there with my non-posting
not sure when I can get back to it.......or have anything to talk about other than trips to the pharmacy, trips to the hospital.etc
but am gathering some materials and magazines to hopefully keep sparking my brain!


  1. well stitch something, just to keep the juices flowing! you are missed!

  2. thanks to both of you for your comments!!


  3. Hi Anne, Thank you very much for coming to my blog and entering my GIVEAWAY... you do some awesome work...just lovely..

  4. hi there, thanks for the visit and comment. I hope your brain is sparking and you're getting ideas.

    I too have had lots of hospital and GP visits recently for various reasons. Oh, I need a break and to make some art instead . . . . .


  5. thanks for the messages everyone! it is nice to know you are all still around.......don't feel quite so cut off