Thursday, 22 April 2010

dark spring

well I finally got out from under the paperwork (and general staring into space) and got back to my machine today

I have joined my first ATC (artists trading cards) swap, so have been trying to get into that
however, the theme is spring, and this isn't looking too “springy”......wonder what I should do next?
perhaps starting on such a dark background wasn’t the most clever idea?

I was the winner of a blog giveaway from Kayla Coo - I am now the proud owner of one of her brooches!! thank you!!

so, I think this piece was definitely inspired by her work (which is fantastic - go look!) but am missing the lighter element.......perhaps I will put this away and start on another one

the thing is; I was hoping to do a few more pieces before my trip

will she do it?

I want to enter a show......see how that goes - so need to get it in gear!
I think I will be able to do some work on my trip too - my mother has a beautiful sewing machine that I used last time I visited......but it is having all the little bits of fabric, thread, beads, buttons, etc lying around that I will have to fine somewhere........maybe a few garage sales would do the trick!
I am having fantasies about going to a garage sale of a little old lady and finding bags of old buttons and little hat accessories (there is probably a fancy name for that)........lace, ribbons, etc
Yes please!

anyway.........a BIG thank you to everyone that has stopped by and especially those who have made comments -


  1. have a show at home!! It's great fun. I do it as part of my local open house - invite lots of friends and tell them to invite their friends.

    Lucky you being a winner of Kaylo coo's give-away.

    thank you for the lovely comment and follow on my blog :)

    Happy making,


    ooooh, and I've just noticed I'm on your blog list too - thank you - am flattered.

  2. I think it is springy!! but, then I always love contrast and this is stunning!!

  3. Hi Anne,
    I'm so glad you like it. Have a great trip next week,I hope you won't have any delays at the airport.
    lovely flower,perhaps add some more green for a Spring time feel.

  4. Hi Anne you mean haberdashery ??? thats a great word......i like your ATC would you like to swap with me sometime ?Lorna x ps thatnks for kind comments about mine ...