Monday, 19 April 2010

nuttin honey

what happened to all the time??
I had so many many schedules to start......

and then; nothing
absolutely nothing has happened!

this past weekend and today, I am bogged down with paperwork and printing, but I can’t really complain since that is actually how I pay the rent for my studio!
so, good that I have jobs to do......but they have kept me from doing any sewing

ok, that isn’t completely true; I have kept me from doing any sewing! with what tho?

and now this ash cloud thingy - I am supposed to go to the US next week to be with my parents while Dad is going through his chemo and radiation, etc....but will they have opened the skies again by then??!
S is supposed to go to Germany this Wed for a football game, but that doesn’t look too promising either
very strange goings on......

I do hope next time I get back here, I have something nice to show you......

oh; and the ashy cloud is not as apparent as the fog was in this photo of the Tennyson Memorial on the Isle of Wight!


  1. wow! this shot is from the ash pollution?? that is awful, I hope you get out ok to be with your Dad!

  2. no, sorry - I didn't make it clear....that picture was NOT the ash - it was just fog from a trip I took a couple of weeks ago!
    the good news is; the airports have opened hopefully by next week, they'll be back to normal
    AND I will also get to see my aunt, who is from Fort Collins! (I think I saw that is where you live, La Dolce Vita?)

  3. gosh, I really know how you feel. Time? - there often seems not to be enough of it. . . . My 'one day' is often out there.

    Maybe I should be off making right now instead! Sewing and sticking and doing all that I love like you!

    Hope your trip is okay and your dad too . . .

    Lovely blog.