Tuesday, 6 April 2010

sunshine hopes

and did I get caught up over the holiday weekend? of course not! how silly of me to think I would.......
I did, however, finish and send off my last two pieces to a frameshop/gallery in Kansas City where I hope anyone in the area will go by and see them! not sure when exactly they will be shown......the owner is going to frame them first.

S and I took a walk through the garden (unfortunately, this is not OUR garden!) in our town to see what spring flowers had arrived.......they do such an amazing job keeping these gardens looking beautiful all year round

today I am in the midst of sending off my application for Artwave 2010, which is the local Lewes arts festival which I opened my studio up for last year. I am also trying to apply for a few contests, call for entires and submissions to galleries, etc.........??

but, mainly today, I am thinking of my Dad
he was diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago and is starting his treatments today. I will be going to the US in a few weeks to help out my family

so, I am especially grateful for the sunshine today which shines a bit more light onto my hopes

not easy being so far away sometimes........

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  1. Gosh i'm sorry to hear that ...it must be difficult to be so far away from your family .....Lorna x