Wednesday, 31 March 2010

in progress - and an apology

first; I would like to apologise for not keeping up with my blog......

I have been on a few trips and had every intention of posting my photos and telling you about them.......but I forgot my camera! I bought a single-use one but am having trouble filling it up so that I can get it developed!

I also said I would answer Lorna’s 7 things about myself request.......which I still haven’t done (sorry!)

I have been having to deal with a few events that have blindsided me this year - and I find myself staring out into space.......unable to make sense of anything or pick myself up and do what I had intended to do that day -
my to-do lists keep getting longer and longer......hopefully I will be able to cross a few off soon

on a positive note: I have finally been able to start a new piece - I am still working on it, but thought I would show you where I am now.......
this and my chickadee will be sent to the States to be framed and hopefully shown in a new framers/gallery - will let you know when they are finished and available.

again - thank you so much for your comments and for taking the time to come by.......


  1. Hi Anne I love the look of your new piece .....your work is always lovely....very ordered and organised .....i wish I had a some of this I am always haphazard and messy.....don't worry about the seven things I will look forward to reading them when you are ready to write them ........I am sorry to hear that events have sent you sideways......I'll send some love to you Lorna xx

  2. Lorna- thank you so much.......I can always count on you for a kind word

    oh! and you should see my studio - it is a disaster! fabric scraps, paper scarps, bits of thread....piles of magazines........beads absolutely everywhere!