Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I know.......I know.......

well, that break ended up being far longer than expected!
as you might imagine; my passport did indeed show up in time

our trip to Mexico was lovely - perfect weather and nice company

the view right outside our gate

the wandering mariachi band!

on our first day; we came back to our place after shopping -
and the maid (we had a maid! I know......a maid!!)
had folded all of our towels into swans!
she had a bouquet of flowers from a wedding and used some
of the bougainvillea petals to decorate two large towels in the front room -
so pretty and such a lovely surprise!

my favourite thing!
mango on a stick with chilli pepper, salt and lime juice
she cut the mango into a flower shape -
convenient to eat it on the beach so you can wash off all the juice that
inevitably drips down your arms
so good......had one every morning for breakfast

my sister’s dinner

I wish I would have been closer to this statue;
so serene and beautiful overlooking the little cove

now I am back at home -
and as usual......trying to get myself together!

I finished the bird I left before the trip
it is on its way to the US now

for my next project; I am working on some little stuffed birds
(I know......again with the birds!)
using these fabrics.......

the top of the bird will be one pattern
with the bottom being a contrasting fabric
will of course show you when I have a few done
similar to the aprons I made
which I have put in the cafe next door
and have sold 3 of them!! yea

so......that’s it for now
thank you so much for not giving up on me!
I will try to get back into “the groove” of writing more posts.......
and getting on with all the different projects I have in my head
and on several different lists floating around the studio

happy spring!

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  1. hiya! lovely pics of Los Ayala...you have an amazing perspective...super artsy! duh, i know.
    love the idea of birdies w/ the contrasting fabrics, can't wait to see them. have fun in Espana!