Tuesday, 29 March 2011


random photo of buttons

my head is about to explode
I cannot think nor do much of anything
and of course, my to-do list is massive

I leave early Thursday morning for the States
however, my passport hasn't come back from the embassy!!
I sent it off to get pages added
and miscalculated how long it would take
now I have been spending the last few days with
a stomach full of acid......worrying
I have spoken to someone in the embassy twice now
and they have said it will be with me tomorrow
and if it isn't?

I know, it is totally my fault
once again a product of my not getting things done


I am flying into KC to stay with my mother - and then she and I
and a few other family members
are going to Mexico for a week
I am really hoping to spend a good portion of my time
emptying out this head of mine
it is so cluttered......and noisy
I think some people are good with that
I am learning it stops me
stops me from doing things
distracts me so much
I cannot settle anywhere
with anything

am not too thrilled with being away from S for so long....
my main purpose is the few weeks I will be staying with my mother
we will be tackling all the cupboards, closets, boxes, drawers, shelves, etc
that are completely filled to the brim
donating, selling, keeping - clearing!
I think it will make us both feel really good
altho, I think there will be some emotional moments

a couple of scenes of my desk....which I am leaving in a terrible mess!
and the unfinished bird I was supposed to finish before I left


  1. Safe journey ...if the passport arrives !!!..Im sure it will ...x

  2. I'm sure all that shifting of energy in clearing and organising your Mum's stuff will clear your head.

  3. yes safe journey!! it will be there!! xx's

  4. thanks! and yes.......it did arrive!
    nice day spent with mom - and off to Mexico Monday