Friday, 27 May 2011


just a quick note as I am going on holiday for a bit.......
our annual Spain trip
am really looking forward to some reading........

before I go
I thought I would show you some photos I took
a couple of weekends ago
while at the Horse Trials

what an amazing and beautiful place!
and this is just the gatehouse!

while at the horse show
we saw this amazing horse whisperer

he had his horses doing amazing things

without any sort of yelling or whipping
they really seemed to be communicating

after the horses were lying down
the little pony came over and jumped over them!
of course, I didn't get that photo

it did make me a bit teary
missing my Dad
knowing he would have loved to see that

several times I have seen him stand by a fence
and all the horses come over to him
there might be several people standing
by the fence
but they always went straight to my Dad

I hope everyone is doing well
having lovely creative thoughts
and actions

thank you, thank you for coming by
maybe leave a message and say hello

have a good weekend
bye bye
for now



  1. wow I wonder if that man can do the same with kids?! I could do with his help. Have a great trip to sunny Spain!

  2. It's amazing what alot of time, patience and encouragement can do when training pets, eh? That sounds like a fun show, especially when it's apparent that the trainer is gentle with his animals. Sorry that missed your dad while at the show but then that particular memory of him and your imagining how the horses would approach him before others says alot about the kind of person he was. Kind. Lucky you to have had someone like him in your life. Also, I like to imagine that the loved ones who have died in my life (my father, for one) sometimes pop by for a visit. Maybe your dad really was there in spirit.