Monday, 23 May 2011

birds and chairs

not sure about my stuffed birds......not sure about them at all

they are kinda cute - but not sure I like their heads...should I keep putting eyes on them?
think I will do a few more and then move on to my next project

whatever that is.......

oh! me and S went to an upholstery class this past Saturday - loved it!!
I was hoping I would
I had no idea what to expect from the class, so I got two really (cheap) simple
chairs to work on
when we walked in, it was like we had walked into the middle of the class
everyone seemed to know what to do
some people had taken the class before - but the new ones even seemed to know
I panicked -
but then settled down and started taking the ugly, stained, ancient
(not ancient in a good way)
green fabric off the seat (duh, forgot to take “before” photos!)

I thought perhaps there would be some sort of opening talk or explanation
from the teacher - who is a very old, sweet man who has an upholstery shop in town
but no......just dive in
then he'd come around and show you things - or answer questions
I loved watching the others - who brought far more complicated chairs
deconstruct their chairs - seeing the layers of old fabrics,
horse hair or ancient fillings
I especially liked the chairs with just the bare bones
and hessian (burlap for you US people)........the rough materials
with the tans and brown colours

anyway - we finished our little chairs, who have actually been growing on me
study and capable with a bit of mid-century “design”
I settled on a simple, linen stripe with lovely muted colours of brown, tan, grey and a minty-green

with the original seat colour; the orangey colour of the wood was really awful
but with the new seat; it tones it way down
I still want to strip the wood and stain it a dark brown
what do you think?
leave it or stain it darker?

tomorrow; I am spending the day ion London
there are so many show I want to see;
V&A, Mall Galleries, Hayward
not sure how many I will actually get to
I always have such good intentions;
and then forget that it takes forever to get to each one..........
you walk around.......back to the one, etc

then; I am going to the opening night of


a show of works by Ellen Bell

beautiful work.......check it out!

and as always; thank you so much for stopping by and seeing what I am up to
I appreciate it.......very much

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  1. hmmmm. let's see a bird without the eyes...
    LOVE the chairs. where will you put them?
    have a great time in Espana...have so many wonderful memories of our visit w/ you and S...i just came across some pics of the boys playing golf. miss you and love you!