Friday, 4 February 2011

that is so nice!

I had the most amazing thing happen the other evening!
I came home and found an envelope had been shoved through the letterbox; addressed to the homeowner

At first I thought ; "oh no, we have annoyed our neighbours"
but then again, we aren't the ones with the screaming toddlers (both behind and next to us!)
then I thought; maybe someone wants to buy our house and were leaving their details

I opened it and here is what it said:

how nice is that?!
I had the biggest grin on my face for the rest of the evening
the funny thing is; I have only done two displays
the first one is the photo of the cyclamen at the top of my blog
the other was the scene I did for Xmas (below)

our house opens right up onto a small alleyway
a pretty popular throughway into the centre of town
there are only 4 houses on the street
(can't really call it a street.......but you get it?)
anyway - I thought it would be nice to put something
in my window, for people to look at as they go by
but I was starting to get a bit discouraged
noone seemed to pay any attention
until I got this note!
someone has noticed

so, of course, now I have to come up with something
for the next display! no pressure.........hahaha

I got the go-ahead from the café
they'll display my valentines - so am working on them
have almost finished the first one -

I hope all my US friends are keeping warm and watching out for ice
and to everyone; I hope for you a creative and inspiring weekend



  1. What a beautiful gesture from an unknown admirer. Well done!



  2. How lovely of someone to take the time to let you know you are appreciated:0)
    I love your cardinal in the previous post..lovely work :)
    Camber Sands is one of my all time favourite places to go...especially just as the sun is rising on a hot summers day...a slight breeze...calm one in sight....gorgeous ...sigh... :0)
    Have a great week.
    Kind regards,

  3. That's so nice! Not only that the displays are admired but that someone took the trouble to leave you a note to let you know. Things like that restore my faith in people.

    Have you got that Etsy shop open yet, woman?! I want a piece of your lovely art :))

  4. Aw, how great is that? I love the idea that someone took time in their day to tell you how much they appreciate your efforts in creating inspiring window displays. Now you have to create more displays and post photos of them here!

  5. what a great thing to find! i agree, restores my faith in have a growing fan base my dear, keep focused, and keep up the great work!