Monday, 31 January 2011


I am sure you are all kinda sick of seeing this piece- well, never fear; it is finished!

I just wanted to show the last bits of hand stitching I did
It now goes off to the States

oh; and to answer your questions, Susanna; the background is an old cotton sheet
that I have cut.....then a sheet of music that I put a bit of gesso over;
actually, too much gesso as you cannot really see the score
I only knew that it had to have a cardinal in it
so looked on the internet for a nice image -
and use that as a guide to free machine stitch the bird
everything else just sort of happens
I don’t really have a plan

yikes, it is almost 3.30pm.......and what have I done today?
paid bills, filled out a form to get extra pages added to my passport
(I know; weird - but have run out of space for stamps -
the passport control people are getting quite annoyed
every time I come back into the country)

things I haven’t done:
arranged my studio.......I have a new big table and wanted to see if I could rearrange
the furniture in here......haven’t done it so am sitting here with stuff and
boxes and storage containers and piles of paper and piles of magazines and
piles of books and piles of cloth all around me
oh, and a bike I brought back from France
in the middle of the room (long story)

I have two more bird commissions, but they don’t have a pressing deadline -
so before that, I would like to do a few Valentine’s like I did last year
and see if I can put them in the café next door again

I also have a huge pile of magazines I have been collecting but never take the time
to look through them - they all look really inspirational
maybe schedule in an afternoon where I just sit and look through things;
without feeling guilty for "not doing anything" (even tho I know it is actually doing something)

hm.......all jumbley, jumbley, jumbley