Saturday, 26 February 2011

collage box

I signed up to be included in a collage box swap through LaWendula quite a while ago.
The box just showed up!
I have never done anything like this and thought it would be an interesting way to
challenge myself with new materials, etc
dopey me didn’t realise how much paper would be involved
uh.......I know.......what else would there be?!
I think I was thinking there would be all sorts of different materials
fabric, ribbons......
but, of course, most collagers (if that is a word)
would be using all sorts of different papers and things

anyway; this is what I found in the box

so, the deal is now I take 12 pieces out of this box
and put in 12 of my own

below are the things I took out

and here is what I added!
thought I would do a mixture of fabric and paper
there’s also a bit of bark, which I thought might interest someone
(upper left of photo)
a green feather, button, and a fabric heart
hope the next people to receive the box find
my things interesting

at first, I thought I was just taking things out of the box
and using them however I wanted
but upon reading the rules a bit closer;
I am to make one collage with all the bits I chose from the box
this might be a bit more difficult
only because as I chose things, I was thinking of using them
in several different projects
I can also add other things to the piece

this should be interesting
something different for me to think about and work with

have a lovely weekend
and thanks for dropping by


  1. Fantastic idea - looking forward to seeing what you make.

  2. This looks like an exciting project.
    Have fun.
    M x

  3. How interesting. I'm sure your finished collage will look beautiful. You'll have to share a photograph if it with us afterwards. Also, I totally LOVE the orange and red paper (fabric?) that you have here on the sidebars. It's so vivid, hot and delicious!!!

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