Thursday, 24 February 2011

are you there Spring? It’s me, Anne

well, looky there, it’s already Thursday!

and what have I done this week??

ok; a tiny lie
I have started on a bigger piece - and yes, it is yet another bird........
the deadline for the submissions are Monday
and frankly, don’t think I’m gonna make it
silly goose......had MORE than enough time!
oh well

things I HAVE done this week?
been to my third week
it is really hard, but am so glad I started it
now, if all my effort would manifest itself into actual weight loss;
or even better;
easier fitting clothes.......

today, I inexplicably bought orange nail polish and lipstick!
what the.......??
must be the pollens in the air
oh, and yes; have started taking allergy medicine already;
a bit early, isn’t it?!
need to get some local honey and start in on that

I got a mystery package in the post today
well, I know what it is.........or where it is from

you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what is inside
and what I am going to do with it
and where it will go next

all will be revealed!!

and hello to my new followers!!
how exciting!
thanks for joining
and to all you commenters - thanks to you too!

see you tomorrow
hope the sun is shining where you are



  1. hey anne thought about you testerday we passed the place where we met at your exhibition we were going into brighton on the bus ...hope you are well and boot camp is not too punishing ...x

  2. Ohhh, I know what you mean, wanting spring to arrive sooner than later. The bouquet of daffodils is so pretty.

    Way to go with the bootcamp! That's great! I'm trying to lose weight, too.'s a never-ending battle but one that has to be done for our health and for our future selves. Btw, several years ago, I read in a magazine that women who wear orange lipstick are the most sophisticated.