Wednesday, 10 August 2011

finally finished

finally, after much procrastination and wool drama
I finished the tapestry sample
now.......lets hope it is good enough
to get into the group of volunteers
stitching a tapestry to commemorate
the Battle of Lewes

in between stitching this
or.........looking for the correct wool
I have gone back to making a few more stuffed birds

am done painting my little clay birds too
now, to string them up and add some sparkle!
I tried one
and realised the birds are so heavy
their birdy bottoms stick in the air
instead of their birdy beaks
and then; clever me
thought about finding some sort of weight
so went to the local fishing equipment shop
they thought I was really strange
(not the first time that has happened)
I guess they are used to people coming in
knowing what the fishing weighty things are actually called
oh; and knowing what size and weight
“can’t I just look at them? hold them in my hand?” some
and they seemed to be working on my test birdy

after I get that finished;
back to more mini canvasses, I think
I also want to do a few bigger pieces
like I normally do

here are a few photos from the
Southover Grange Gardens
which is not too far from my house
such a beautiful place!
the plantings are so spectacular
and I love how they juxtapose the most
vibrant colours next to each other
(doesn’t really come out that well in the pics) get the picture
it all surrounds a lovely Eizabethan house

thank you so much for stopping by
hope you all are having a creative week

and in the States; not burning up
in the UK; not molding....or too badly affected by these riots

I do not even know what to say about all that


  1. im sure it's more than good enough to get in ........x

  2. You are one busy, creative lady! Look at ALL the things you are up to! I'm impressed with this archer. The threads in the tunic are embroidered in the right directions - as if the threads were sketch lines - so that the tunic actually hangs on the figure's body like a real tunic. Does that make sense? It's probably quite obvious and you may be thinking, "Well, duh!" but from someone to doesn't know how to embroider at all, it's really quite impressive! ;p

    Your stuffed birds are bright and happy. I like reading about your creative process with them. I'm also thinking that these would make great little items to sell at Christmas time! Stock up now!

    And, well, you know that you simply blow me away with your embroidered birds and collages, right? They are absolutely gorgeous!