Friday, 2 September 2011

Open Studios at Cardinal Arts

here are some (rather bad) photos of my Open Studios

we opened over the Bank holiday weekend
and the turnout was.......

am hoping this weekend will bring more people in

(should mention that the inspiration for these bird charms
came from the amazing, amazing, amazing artist Geninne)

the people that do come in
are full of compliments
about the work and the set-up

my studio is at one end of the town
so it seems to be difficult to get people down here

altho, there are others near here -
and we are listed in the catalogue

and right next to the Buttercup Café!

we'll see what happens
am still optimistic!

lovely felted bags by Get Felt
and the diaphanous knitted shrugs or capelettes
(despite the name, she is a local maker)
I have sold the "capelette" hanging above the bags
LOVE to bags! they are knitted and then felted
fantastic colours and shapes
have sold a couple of those too

the funny thing is that I just happen to be in
my studio during the week
all the publicity states the studio is open
on the weekends
but have had more sales during the week
from people just randomly wandering in!
go figure

it is a sunny day today
which is nice
even tho there is definitely a nip in the air
fall is coming soon!

and so is my mother!

she arrives next week - just in time to see the end of my show
then mother, me and S are going on holiday
we rented a gîte in France for 10 days
cannot wait

so looking forward to relaxing......
have a stack of books waiting

but before then
wish me luck!

have a wonderful weekend!

and a big hello to a couple new followers
thank you for wanting to be included in my ramblings!


  1. The show looks terrific. Your birdies are so sweet!

  2. It looks amazing Anne...... .hope you have had lots of sales ......x

  3. Anne have you sent me links through email recently I have had a few emails from your address with just a link .....obviously i haven't clicked on it as i wondered if they were genuine......hope you are well ......x