Thursday, 8 December 2011


how cute is this?!
so want to buy him...
wonder if husband would notice
hee hee

look at that face!!

I spotted him in one of the local antique places

I was actually searching for two other things
to stash away
and take with me to the States

1) a Victorian hot water bottle
weird, I know
but when I first moved to the UK
I saw them all over the place and wondered what they were

will remind me of first moving here

2) pie funnel
a ceramic blackbird
you put into your pie to let the steam out (is that right?)
I don't actually bake, I just think they are cute!
and again......had no idea what they were when first moved here

so......every other time I meander around the local
antique shops - there were dozens
of these things
this time, now that I actually want them,

always the way, eh?

next time, I won't think I want to buy them
am just wandering around........
then they will show up again! ha

thanks for stopping by!
I know I am veering off
my usual arty-stitchy topics
such is my life right now.....

it is cold and rainy today
am hoping it gets colder!
want to build a little fire in the front room tonight

hope everyone is healthy and happy out there


1 comment:

  1. please be so kind to inform the name and coordinates of the local antiques place. I look for a set of 3 pigs and one of them looks like exactely like the one you show in your blog.
    adriana canguçu - sao paulo brasil