Monday, 19 December 2011

happy holidays

Happy Holidays !!

I hope everyone has a fun
holiday season!!

feather step down

these were half finished pieces that
were just sitting around
so I worked on them a bit
not too long ago, but never
photographed them

love in my heart

am spending most of my time packing up the studio
the movers come next week to scoop
it all up and put it into storage

have been wondering what to do with my sewing machine
and other materials
do I put into storage?
do I take to the house?
where in the house?

I think I have decided to put everything into storage

it's a tricky one, especially as I do not
know how long this all will take
I could be here for another 4 months
but without the studio
and really; without the room for anything
at home

that's what I'll do

so then......
I can get back to more reading
and writing
and contemplating
and devising

which I have not done in a long time

I need to really think about how I want to proceed with my art
what to keep; what to change
and then there's wax
I like wax
I like stuff covered in wax
I want to start exploring wax

but just really calm my head down
and take the time
to think
since I have it

this move needs to move me too
I need to move forward
and try
really try

happy holidays

thanks for coming by......



  1. sound really busy!! good you're moving forward sounds like! bet you're ready for some r/r in Portugal! love you!

  2. hope you had a wonderful holiday! Love the look of those new (old) pieces!

  3. Hey there, Anne! It's been a couple months since this post (it's 02/22/2012 today)and I'm apparently behind in my Cardinal Arts news. You're moving? Where? Will you still be in the UK?

    You mentioned painting with beeswax. Joanne Mattera's The Art of Encaustic Painting is terrific. It's my encaustics bible.