Monday, 26 April 2010

time to go

I finished it! well, ok, not quite - I haven’t attached a backing to it..and am not sure if I am supposed to put anything on the back or not
looks like it will be making its way to the US with me and can send it out from there

thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to steer it a bit more towards Spring
not sure if I got there, but think I like it anyway -

as I mentioned- am about to go to the States for a couple of weeks to see family and friends and help out my parents a bit -
have collected some recipes to try out on my, I finally get to have some Mexican food! woo hoo!
oh, did I mention the margaritas too? hee hee
on the rocks, no salt, please

I will also be seeing my younger sister, whom I haven’t seen in over a year - and meet the latest nephew for the first time

I hope my flights are ok and the movies are good!

will be writing the next post from Kansas City


Thursday, 22 April 2010

dark spring

well I finally got out from under the paperwork (and general staring into space) and got back to my machine today

I have joined my first ATC (artists trading cards) swap, so have been trying to get into that
however, the theme is spring, and this isn't looking too “springy”......wonder what I should do next?
perhaps starting on such a dark background wasn’t the most clever idea?

I was the winner of a blog giveaway from Kayla Coo - I am now the proud owner of one of her brooches!! thank you!!

so, I think this piece was definitely inspired by her work (which is fantastic - go look!) but am missing the lighter element.......perhaps I will put this away and start on another one

the thing is; I was hoping to do a few more pieces before my trip

will she do it?

I want to enter a show......see how that goes - so need to get it in gear!
I think I will be able to do some work on my trip too - my mother has a beautiful sewing machine that I used last time I visited......but it is having all the little bits of fabric, thread, beads, buttons, etc lying around that I will have to fine somewhere........maybe a few garage sales would do the trick!
I am having fantasies about going to a garage sale of a little old lady and finding bags of old buttons and little hat accessories (there is probably a fancy name for that)........lace, ribbons, etc
Yes please!

anyway.........a BIG thank you to everyone that has stopped by and especially those who have made comments -

Monday, 19 April 2010

nuttin honey

what happened to all the time??
I had so many many schedules to start......

and then; nothing
absolutely nothing has happened!

this past weekend and today, I am bogged down with paperwork and printing, but I can’t really complain since that is actually how I pay the rent for my studio!
so, good that I have jobs to do......but they have kept me from doing any sewing

ok, that isn’t completely true; I have kept me from doing any sewing! with what tho?

and now this ash cloud thingy - I am supposed to go to the US next week to be with my parents while Dad is going through his chemo and radiation, etc....but will they have opened the skies again by then??!
S is supposed to go to Germany this Wed for a football game, but that doesn’t look too promising either
very strange goings on......

I do hope next time I get back here, I have something nice to show you......

oh; and the ashy cloud is not as apparent as the fog was in this photo of the Tennyson Memorial on the Isle of Wight!

Friday, 9 April 2010

so much sunshine!

I have started on this and have absolutely NO idea what I am going to do with it! guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.......

for the past two days, it has been so sunny with the most exquisite blue is a bit difficult having my studio right next to a café
there’s only so much coffee drinkin and sun sittin that a person can do =-D

of course, that also means not a lot is getting done in the studio -

I have a list of calls for entry, submissions to galleries and shops, and various challenges I need to be getting on with

One question tho; each of these needs pictures of my I do a bunch of new stuff? do I use what I have? do I have enough work already done or is this all to just show what I do and then if accepted, do new work??

all so new to me.......not sure how to go about it
which of course is also feeding into the procrastination - just so long as I keep deadlines in mind and not miss anything - I can keep pondering (better yet, keep working while pondering!) anyone out there (assuming there IS anyone out there reading this!) have any suggestions or knowledge of such things???

have many plans for the weekend - so hope I keep to them
one thing; am having a friend over for dinner.......I haven't cooked for anyone (other than husband) for so long - can she still do it?!
am making an old recipe I have made several times; roasted salmon with red thai curry - used to be my party trick if anyone was coming over for dinner that I was trying to impress and it usually did the trick (except for the Norwegian guy we had over when we lived in Portland, Or - who went on and on (before I told him what I was making) about how he was so sick of fish and salmon in particular! oops
he also went on about how he was allergic to cats
well; after loving my dinner, he sat with the cat on his not sure what that was all about!

where was I?
oh yes - so......I will be making Vietnamese salad rolls and then the red thai salmon

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

sunshine hopes

and did I get caught up over the holiday weekend? of course not! how silly of me to think I would.......
I did, however, finish and send off my last two pieces to a frameshop/gallery in Kansas City where I hope anyone in the area will go by and see them! not sure when exactly they will be shown......the owner is going to frame them first.

S and I took a walk through the garden (unfortunately, this is not OUR garden!) in our town to see what spring flowers had arrived.......they do such an amazing job keeping these gardens looking beautiful all year round

today I am in the midst of sending off my application for Artwave 2010, which is the local Lewes arts festival which I opened my studio up for last year. I am also trying to apply for a few contests, call for entires and submissions to galleries, etc.........??

but, mainly today, I am thinking of my Dad
he was diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago and is starting his treatments today. I will be going to the US in a few weeks to help out my family

so, I am especially grateful for the sunshine today which shines a bit more light onto my hopes

not easy being so far away sometimes........