Friday, 8 October 2010


(went to Dieppe a couple of weekends that place!)

cannot believe I have been away for so long!
has anyone noticed?? :(

anyway........have been working non-stop on some freelance graphic design projects - but they are now off to the printers so my life can get back to normal (well, as normal as it usually is)

I am now off to visit the in-laws for the weekend
and next week; I'll be back!!

oh!! duh, almost forgot
I have been asked to be in another show!! woo hoo
it is in an adorable village not too far from me - the theme is animals, so my birds should fit right in
I am going to miss the opening party tonight......which is a big shame
if you just happen to be in the area; check it out!!

have a lovely weekend, everyone!!
and thank you so much for coming by.........hope you come back and see what is going on next week
when I will have more to say and show you!


  1. congratulations!! that is just wonderful! Dieppe looks amazing!

  2. Congratulations, Anne! Another show - that's terrific news!

    I also like the dark, moodiness of your photograph. It certainly brings to mind the dark days decades ago when so many young men lost their lives. Did you go there for a particular reason? With someone?

  3. ah, of course you would know about this place, Susanna -
    Itr is right across the Channel from where I live - so my husband and I go there by ferry
    Love it there - such a lovely town
    but yes, it has a horrible history and has monuments to the Canadian men all over town - the castle also has maple leave shapes out of flowers in their gardens