Friday, 15 October 2010

hey! who took my week?!

my to-do list seems to be as pristine as when I first wrote it at the beginning of the week.........nothin crossed off

once again - my focus and energy is so dispersed, nothing gets done replace photos of things I have done this week;
here are some photos I took a few weekends ago when S and I took the ferry over to Dieppe

grey stormy skies on the way over - with the sun just breaking through,
lighting up the other side of the white cliffs

fantastic market every Saturday - the fruit and vegetables look so vibrant..........
should have taken more photos of them - the lettuces were amazing!

beautiful door next to the Moroccan grocer

drats; you can't see the wallpapers very clearly -
was wondering if the giant pink flowers are original (60s?) or more recent

the castle; which is now the most interesting museum I have ever been to - so much beautiful and
surprising art in such a smallish town -
they were having an Impressionism exhibit while we were there -
several famous artists went there to paint; the light is extraordinary
and their collection of carved ivory; carved by sailors throughout the centuries is amazing

views from the castle

the colour of the water was so beautiful

fishermen's chapel on the hill, overlooking the harbour

lovely harbour full of boats

the guy looks suspiciously Disney-like

rainy, windy Sunday surf

this weekend, I am hoping to get over to the gallery in Mayfield to see my work in the Dark Horse Gallery
next week, a friend of mine, Marco Crivello is having a show at the Air Gallery in London -
the opening reception is this Tuesday 6-8.30pm
do drop by to see his work, if you can - it is so beautiful
Chronochromie: The Colour of Time
19th - 23rd October

thanks for being patient with me and coming back.........
next week, (really!!) I'll show a bit more soon as I start it!

have a lovely weekend



  1. just gorgeous photos and I think that wall paper is 60's or 70's just fabulous textures!!

  2. what a lovely trip! I know that feeling really well of not getting things done, but then other times I look back and think 'wow, how did I get all that done?!'

    Hoping more creative and getting-things-done time comes your way soon :)

    PS. thanks for your well-wishes for my MA course . . .