Tuesday, 26 October 2010

change of plans

well, was all excited to add all sorts of pictures
of my little trip to Edinburgh.........as opposed to adding pictures of my new work!
(insert broken record here)

then........I got a call from the States
my Dad, who was pretty much given the ‘all clear’ not too many weeks ago,
is in the hospital; hooked up to oxygen
a new tumour pressing on his windpipe.....and possible cancer spots on his other lung
after all the chemo and radiation he had been through already;
he didn't even get to feel ok for any amount of time

he can't do anymore radiation and cannot start more chemo until he can breathe on his own,
but can;t breathe on his own while the tumour is there
Catch 22

not good

I am going back there this Friday........for a couple of weeks - or so
have cancelled my Xmas shows I had committed to

have now entered surreal-world bubble

sorry to be..........serious, I guess
hope you'll hear from me soon with some good news

and maybe I'll show you Edinburgh another day...it is such a beautiful, inspiring yet spooky place


  1. Take care Anne am sending you positive thoughts for you and your Dad and have a safe journey...x

  2. Oh my gosh, Anne. I am so sorry to hear the news about your dad's health. How frustrating for him. It's good that you'll be by his side soon. He will be so glad to see you again. I'll be thinking of you.