Wednesday, 20 October 2010


didn’t get anything done again this week
well, in the fibre arts area, I guess I should say

so; re-group and start again!

am having a few days is Edinburgh........a sort of pre-anniversary trip
and hopefully a bit of a rest and alone-time with S
perfect timing for me to bruise my foot/toes so badly I can barely walk!


last weekend I went to Mayfield to see my work at the

a lovely little gallery - was thrilled to be included into this show

two of my pieces were on the back wall.......slightly hidden - but think they look nice against that bright blue wall

all sorts of different animals in different media; look at these beautiful paintings by Karen Papworth
such striking eyes!

and these lovely and delicate bronze toads in the window by
beautiful goldy-greeny colours

hope everyone is having some good creative time -
thank you so much for dropping by - really appreciate it
now must go pack for rain and cold!! (can’t wait!)


  1. your work does look lovely on the blue wall, and wonderful gallery for your work to live temporarily until it finds a new home!!

  2. The shop looks very inviting and your work looks great.x

  3. Love your work on that blue wall Anne ..x

  4. agree with all the above! striking work, Anne...

  5. thanks so much for all the nice comments- really appreciate it

  6. Thanks for your comments, and for following. I think your pictures look lovely in the gallery. I would be chuffed!

  7. Oooh...Edinburgh! I've only heard great things about the place. I hope you have an amazing time. And congratulations on this new show. I'm so glad that you took photos to show us so that we can pretend we were right there with you. Your work is so pretty! Wish I could be there to look at them up close. And yes, those cat eyes are striking. At first glance, I thought those were photographs but you say they are paintings? Holy moley.