Friday, 10 September 2010


this is the last weekend for the Lewes Artwave, which has been reasonably successful
the exciting thing for me is that two separate galleries seem to be interested in my work
one is for a show being put together in a gallery not far from here
and the other is a local cooperative gallery that has asked me to consider joining them.

However, I haven't actually heard back from either.......

tomorrow is the party in Brighton for the show there
I feel bad as I don't think too many people will show up on my behalf
but am very excited to see my work - but even more exciting is to meet Cas Holmes and Anne Kelley

I just got an invite to another very exciting show
I cannot wait to see this in person and would love to be able to bid for one of them!
and am oh so wishing I had been asked to contribute........what a challenge! what would you do?

think it will be quite rainy this weekend, but somehow.......I don't mind
I hope everyone else has a lovely, relaxing weekend
thank you so much to everyone who has commented........or just come by to look
and a big thank you to my new followers!



  1. well congrats on being asked to join two galleries, and I would just get back to them on the whole situation, perhaps they have a specific timeline... and the chair show sounds great, I had to do this for a local chairity... and it was a wooden rocker, so it was a moving target! quite a challenge. I painted a french post card scene.... have a lovely rainy weekend!

  2. oh; bet that rocking chair was gorgeous!

  3. Hi Anne Good luck for today I don't think we can make it today but hoping to visit on 27th ........all the very best I'm sure you will do really well ......Lorna x

  4. good luck - it all sounds very exciting, and I find each new thing leads to another great opening or happening :)


  5. Wow - you are on an exhibition roll! Way to go! As for the chairs...I especially LOVE Olivia Bullock's chair. LOVE IT!