Tuesday, 13 July 2010

it is a great advantage

this is the piece that I worked on while doing the "rook"......always work on more than one thing so I can go back and forth when things aren’t quite going right on one.......then switch back after a little time away

I also have some new backgrounds drying and ready to start tomorrow too
I only have until this Thursday to get everything done
Friday, I am off to Suffolk to visit the in-laws and then Monday morning, I fly off to the States to see my parents again

you can’t really see, but the background are sheets of music........hopefully the notes and things will show up a bit better when it is dry

and this is a.......what is this?? one of those sets of embroidered linens people used to put onto their dressing tables - there are usually two end pieces and a larger one for the centre.......think this is the centre part, altho it isn’t that large
ANYWHO........am thinking a little goldfinch might look sweet on here

my Dad, if his platelets are strong enough, will have his last super-strong chemo today and next week when I am there, will be his last chemo........he has been doing amazingly well and hope it continues (I feel a bit strange writing about it..so think I’ll stop)

oh! I went for a walk along the river last evening.......and saw a seal!! sitting on a little dock - I have heard about him.......he comes up the river every now and again
if I figure out where I put the cord to get the photos off my phone - will post!
such an odd sight

hope everyone is having a good week so far
and thank you, thank you for stopping by!



  1. Hi Ann,
    I like the hand you have stitched,nice arrangement
    Have a good trip and all the best to your family.x

  2. Your artwork, as usual, looks beautiful. The pieces with the music sheets are turning out really well. Will they be in the show? And yes! to adding a goldfinch to the embroidered linen. That'll look perfect!

    I didn't know that your father was going through chemo. I'm sending him positive thoughts tonight. He'll love seeing you again. Have a great time back Home. There's nothing like seeing the faces of old friends and loved ones.