Thursday, 15 July 2010

Mr Seal

ok, so it might not LOOK like a seal, but it is! I went walking along the river the other evening and there he was.....lounging around on the dock
of course, had debated whether to bring my camera with me or not......not - so this is from my phone

am getting ready to pack up the studio for a few weeks
tomorrow is Date Night with husband in Norwich, next day; a swim in the North Sea and visit with in-laws
Sunday, another Date Night in London
Monday (early) flight to the States!
complicated travel.......complicated bag usage and storage options
as usual

not sure how much stitching stuff I'll be doing - I am bringing the goldfinch to work on
and am quite keen to try a new idea (with wax!!)
will show you what I come up with.......if I come up with anything

a bit early, but have a great weekend
see you across the pond!

and thank you to everyone who comes by to see what I am doing

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