Wednesday, 17 March 2010

back to the birds

back to the birds!
I am still having a bit of trouble getting into my writing for this please bear with me -
am not sure how personal I want to get.....but would like to have somewhere to mull things over -
other blogs I enjoy seem to have a mixture of art and life - so you can get a full picture of the person writing-
so, will just keep on going and see what happens - I think a little more silence in my head would help......I have got into the habit of always having either the radio or music on constantly

I have also been tagged by my new friend, L to write 7 things about myself - will take a while to muster up that one! but will add that probably tomorrow - take a look at her blog....she wrote so beautifully her 7 things.

and now to the bird - a black-capped chickadee, to be precise. I had to start over from the original one I showed the other day - I just felt the text in the background wasn't showing up here is where I am at:

I thought I'd finish this today - but think tomorrow it is more likely to be done......(I hope!)

oh! and for the past two days, we have had sun!! I even was able to sip my coffee in the courtyard - altho now it is looking mighty chilly out there
last night a big blanket of fog rolled down from the hills and into the town.......should have gone out with my camera; maybe next time

and as always - thank you - thank you for all your comments and for coming by and looking


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