Thursday, 18 March 2010


well, I think it is finished.......

and thanks to L for giving me stacks of old musical scores......will start using them in my work - I did use a small fragment in this one

I am now going on a little trip to the Isle of Wight this weekend, courtesy of lovely husband - what a surprise!
we both need some time alone (together alone, I mean)
so am hoping for long walks on the beach and a bit of reading and LOTS of seafood!!
must remember to pack my rain things as it is supposed to drizzle the whole time, making it even more adventurous and atmospheric

now I just need for the hotel to have a roaring fire! (pleeez!)


  1. Lovely ....greta idea to use music scores I love it
    Lorna x
    isle of Wight is Fab

  2. This piece is so pretty! I just looked through your slide show. You really have an artistic gift, especially with the tiniest details. Great work!

  3. Oh yes, have a fabulous time in the Isle of Wight! What a terrific romantic getaway! Take lots of photos, please.

  4. I was happy to find your blog. I love your collages.
    Later, I visit the archives.
    wonderful and so creative.
    anne from Stitchin fingers

  5. thanks for comments on my blog .......hope you enjoyed Isle of wight was a bit wet on saturday but Sunday was not too bad .we often go to the island my man Jim played on the Ferry most Saturdays last Summer it was great as I spent the journey stitching ....perfect
    Lorna x

  6. I like your use of musical scores, I have some waiting to be used.

  7. thanks jackie- a friend gave me a huge stack of trying to resist the urge to plaster everything with it!
    looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.......since your use of text is fantastic