Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Haiti by Hand

a little announcement:
Rebecca Sower has kindly taken my donation of my art to be included in her haiti by hand project

artists from all over have donated artwork to be sold in aid of this amazing project - ALL money raised goes directly to help the women of Haiti

check out the etsy shop they have set up!

on another note; I leave tomorrow for a few days to go to Italy with my husband to watch his favourite football (soccer for my US friends) team play Turin.......yes, you read that correctly - but it IS Italy afterall!!
and actually.......I like watching football

so.......will be back soon

and as always - thank you SO much for coming and seeing what I have been up to - I appreciate all your comments!!


  1. What a great idea ...I will check that out ......have a great time .....Lorna x

  2. really like the Haiti donation piece - keep that new style going!

  3. Hi hope you don't mind my tagging you for the show and tell ..I must admit i was not sure when I got tagged but it wasn't so bad once I started ......Lorna x