Monday, 21 March 2011

wait..what happened?

I didn't mean to have such a long pause between blog posts!
just never.........took the time

have been busy doing non-creative/paying design jobs
but have also finished a piece that I am submitting to a local show
(which I probably now have jinxed by mentioning it)
a couple of weekends ago S and I went to Budapest. I have wanted to go there
for years!!
such a beautiful and elegant city
lovely, lovely Art Nouveau buildings everywhere

you had to keep looking up
sometimes the most amazing part of the buildings were the tippy tops!

below is a wall of tiles and statues in the hall of the thermal baths we went to

I was quite intrigued by the wings coming out of her head!

Parliament in the ornate!

this statue was so beautiful
she looked so modern
it is Queen Elizabeth, the wife of Emperor Franz Josef
such a delicate statue

this was a man in traditional Hungarian dress playing some sort of instrument -
I couldn't get closer to take a better photo

looking from Pest over the Danube to Buda
such stunning scenery; its hard to take a bad photo!

it was actually sunny and even slightly warm today
I actually sat in the sun a bit

I am still going to do a collage from the items I took from the collage box
a label for onion chutney
and finish another bird I have started

it's only Monday - so I still have a chance!
hope you are having a sunny, creative day too

and thank you, thank you, thank you for coming by!

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  1. Hi Anne ...lovely art as always .and those photos are stunning ...looks a very inspirational place ....x