Tuesday, 25 January 2011

new work

I have actually started doing something creative!! woo hoo

I realised I have at least 3 little commissions to work on.........duh, better get going
then I was about to submit my work for a local show when I realised
that I didn’t actually fulfill one of the requirements......oops
but there is another show I want to try to get into - so will set my sights on that one


it of course will have more embellishments and stitches....just as soon as I figure out what that will be!

on another note: I was finally able to get some photos off an old camera.......
taken a few years ago - but lovely images! (well, I think so)
so. bear with me - you are going to have to go on another trip with me to the coast
Dungeness and Camper Sands to be exact
a beautiful, lonely, mystical area

Prospect Cottage - Derek Jarman’s house - now a rental property, I think
a beautiful, sparse seaside garden; full of all sorts of stones and bits he found on the beach -
making little sculptures

how beautiful is this?!

below are pictures I took at Camber Sands, which is not too far from Dungeness

thank you for stopping by!

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